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Terms and Conditions



All Xclusive Sea School students and person booking on their behalf shall be referred to as ‘client’. The term ‘him’ shall also be taken to mean ‘her’. Children under age must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times. Xclusive Sea School will only accept reservations for sea school tuition on the terms & conditions set out in the following:


FULL PAYMENT is required upon enrolling to guarantee the bookings.


If through circumstances beyond the control of Xclusive Sea School, a course is canceled, then all deposits and fees paid will be refunded and the school’s liability thereafter will cease. Xclusive Sea School shall not be held responsible for any additional costs incurred by clients attending a course that is subsequently canceled, including but not limited to flights, car hire, transfers, and accommodation.


In the event of cancellation by the client, deposits and fees are not refundable. In the event that Xclusive Sea School is able to subsequently re-sell the course, then all fees will be returned to the Client.


For courses booked to take place on school boats, Xclusive Sea School agrees to provide a suitable training vessel. In the event that there are any vessel changes made, due to a vessel becoming unsuitable for training for any reason whatsoever, this in no way affects the validity of the booking and the terms & conditions stated herein remain good.


For clients booking an Xclusive Sea School Instructor for training aboard their own vessel, the following conditions must be adhered to:
1. Safety standards & equipment on the vessel must meet the minimum RYA standards (list available if required)
2. Fully comprehensive insurance cover must be provided for the client’s vessel, covering all aspects of normal marine activities for the area in which the vessel will be operated.
3. The client must inform his insurance company that our instructor will be taking over as Skipper for the duration of the course, including possible extra days to allow for possible unforeseen events. The client must ensure that our instructor is co-assured on his insurance policy.
The client will reimburse the traveling and out of pocket expenses incurred by the instructor from our base in Dubai Marina to the client’s vessel.
4. Accommodation & food should be provided for the instructor for the duration of the course.
5. Xclusive Sea School cannot be held responsible for any delay or Curtailment of a course due to the condition of a client’s vessel used for own boat tuition.


In accordance with accepted marine practice, the decisions of the instructor, from the moment he steps onboard the training vessel, are final. Every attempt will be made to give clients the maximum sea time available. If however, the instructor deems that weather conditions, safety issues or any other consideration would make it imprudent to continue, the instructor’s decision is final. Xclusive Sea School shall not be liable for any claim for return of fees for lost sea time.


Xclusive Sea School is insured for instruction, including third-party indemnity of 1 million dirhams, details of which can be provided on request. Xclusive Sea School accepts no liability for loss, personal injury, illness or food poisoning. Xclusive Sea School recommends that clients obtain their own insurance to cover these eventualities.


Xclusive Sea School will exercise all due care and diligence in ensuring our courses are delivered both in accordance with our own terms & conditions and the RYA standard for teaching. Xclusive Sea School accepts no responsibility for delay or inconvenience, loss of or damage to property, death, injury, food poisoning or illness suffered by the client or a member of his party. Xclusive Sea School accepts no responsibility for disruption caused to the client by ‘force majeure‘ such as fire, flood, acts of God, strikes, political unrest, Acts of Government or Authority or any other occurrence beyond our control.


In the event that any dispute arising between Xclusive Sea School and the client, cannot be mutually resolved, such a dispute will be referred to a single arbitrator elected by the President of the Law Society of England & Wales and be subject to the conditions set out in the Arbitration Act 1996.


Damages and breakages caused by the client as a result of a willful or neglectful act are the responsibility of the client and any costs incurred as a result of such shall be reimbursed on demand by Xclusive Sea School SC or its representative. For safety reasons, the instructor must be notified immediately of any damage found or caused by the client.


Xclusive Sea School accepts no liability for theft, attempted theft or damage to vehicles belonging to clients or members of their party, that are parked at Dubai Marina, or for any possessions removed from them. Property is left on school boats at the owner’s risk and Xclusive Sea School cannot accept responsibility for theft or damage to such items. Clients should exercise due diligence when securing the boat at night and at all times when the boat is left unattended. Valuable items, cash and important documents should never be left unattended on the boat.


It is forbidden to bring onboard any vessel, any illegal item, such as prohibited drugs, firearms, offensive weapons, pornography, noxious substance or liquids or any other item of any kind that is unlawful or unsuitable for use on the boats. Clients returning to the vessel having purchased items ashore, must consent to such items and their packaging being checked by the skipper. Xclusive Sea School reserve the right to refuse to allow any item onboard its vessels should the skipper deem that such items are unsuitable for any reason whatsoever. Any client refusing to allow packages to be checked will not be allowed onboard the vessel and will be responsible for their own return travel arrangements. Xclusive Sea School shall not be held responsible for any costs incurred by the client as a result of such an event occurring. Consumption of alcohol is not allowed during training hours.


Every care has been taken to ensure that all information published by Xclusive Sea School, including brochures, advertisements and, mailings, that describe the company’s boats and activities are accurate and are given in good faith, notwithstanding that such are subject to change due to events beyond the control of Xclusive Sea School.


Xclusive Sea School collects information from the user when they complete the contact form and online booking form. Xclusive Sea School will use the information provided to contact the user regarding queries and course bookings. Xclusive Sea School does not sell, trade or otherwise transfer any of the user’s information to external parties. The appropriate security measures are implemented to maintain the safety of your personal information when you enter, submit, or access any personal data.

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