DMCA license

DMCA Boat Licensing Tips and Requirements

Marine craft driving licences are divided into multiple categories, 2 of the categories are:
  • Pleasure marine craft driving licence
  • Commercial marine craft driving licence

Complete the 2-day Xclusive Sea School training to get an RYA cetificate. This certificate has no expiration date and entitles you to use the certificate to obtain any of the above mentioned licence categories from DMCA (Dubai Maritime City Authority) anytime.

At Xclusive Sea School, we offer specialized training for obtaining your DMCA license Dubai, ensuring compliance with DMCA Dubai license regulations and STCW Dubai standards, thereby equipping you with the essential qualifications to navigate marine craft both for pleasure and commercially.


In order for DMCA to issue licences and permits for marine professions of all types, it is required that applicants shall have completed specialised courses at certified training centres in or out of the country. For foreign certificate holders, applicants shall request certificate or licence equivalency and follow the procedures below:

  • Filling the marine craft crew licencing application form
  • Original copy of certificate or licence
  • Copy of passport, ID and residence visa of applicant
  • STCW certification and VHF certificate

Upon receiving, reviewing and verifying the required documents submitted, the customer will be notified with regards to the foreign certificate equivalency application and completing the procedures for the required licence or permit. The equivalency certificate shall only be valid for one month as of the date of approval.

DMCA also provides, directly through its offices or certified centres, theoretical and practical test services as well as assessment of holders of foreign or expired certificates and others, to ensure that the customer is aware of all marine craft driving requirements, laws and regulations applicable in the Emirate.

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